Negative Processing
Film processing is the first and the most critical element in creating high-quality images.Process your film with confidence at Ravi Prasad Film Lab, known worldwide for our Super 8mm and 16mm award-winning processing. We process 110, 126, 127, 35mm, 120, 220, 620 black and white films, E6 slide film, and C41 colour negative film by hand to ensure excellent quality results.

We are experienced in processing the modern black and white films that are processed in colour chemistry, and do not charge extra for up rating. We process Infra Red films, and also cross process E6 films in C41 chemistry if required.

Our lab technicians are highly trained in the handling of small format film, benefiting from the expertise of over 40 years specializing in the film processing. We utilize industry standard film handling techniques, highly trained professionals and the utmost care.

We prcoess the following:

16mm Black & White negative processing

35mm Black & White negative processing

16mm Colour negative processing

35mm Colour negative processing

16mm Colour Positive processing

35mm Colour Positive processing

Spirit Datacine

Davinci 2K Plus